welcome to the scenery of FRANCIACORTA

When tasting our wines, let the gaze roam freely along the basin of Franciacorta, up to Lake Iseo. Book our wine tours or the tasting course. Take in all of Franciacorta in a single breath.

sit down at the table

Put yourself at your ease in the evocative area dedicated to receiving guests with table service, without any need to book: here, you can meet friends and taste great Franciacorta wines together accompanied by local artisan products.


sempiterre tour

Take your place in the tasting hall, from where you can access the large terrace that offers an exceptional viewing point of the wine production basin up to Lake Iseo. The visit to discover the land and wines of Franciacorta is conducted directly by the Bariselli family or by the wine expert Paolo Turra.

Tasting: 2 wines. Sempiterre, the brut that identifies the cellar’s style, is followed by a vintage of choice, accompanied with a platter of selected products from the farm.

Duration: An hour and forty minutes

Price: 20 Euro

Tour selezione sommelier

Visit the Cellar accompanied by the Bariselli family or the wine expert Paolo Turra; in the breathtaking setting of the terrace, commune with the land and wines of Franciacorta with a complete tasting, designed to conduct true enthusiasts on a satisfying tour of the entire production of the Barisèi.

Tasting: 4 wines. Three vintages follow the Sempiterre, the emblematic sparkling wine of the production of the Barisèi, accompanied with a platter of selected products from the farm.

Duration: An hour and forty minutes

Price: 30 Euro



Tasting, with an exploration of the basic techniques for appreciating an excellent sparkling wine and its personality. Paolo will give advice on how to distinguish the character of one wine from another, the different areas of origin, which contribute to marking out one great bubbly from another. We will learn together how to recognise the typical personality traits of a Franciacorta.

Note: The course will start when the minimum number of participants is reached. A maximum limit number is provided.